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  Coritec has managed since 1993 to
become the leading company in the solid surface industry and identify its name with innovation. Itís cutting edge technology along with its strategic co operations is
what brought Coritec to the forefront and made the company distinguish in the
Greek region.

The absolute proof of reliability...

...On Coritec is the trust of our
clients throughout the years. Our goal is always improving these relations with even better services.


What we seek for every client is the perfection of the final result.

Coritec has installed the Quality Measure System and operates
according to the international
standards in every level of its organization ...


MIDDLE EAST PROJECTS (Abu Dhabi UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

VARANGIS designs, develops and fabricates interiors and products made out of wood, veneer, metal, aluminum, plastic, solid acrylic resin surfaces and marble, used in major high-end projects in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait for more than 5 years.

VARANGIS exclusively utilizes CORITEC's production capability and know-how for projects based in the Middle East. CORIAN thermoforming technology is used for manufacturing 2D&3D seamless constructions and vertical surface cladding.


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